Walter, John W. Theater of War. United States: Lorber HT Digital, 2008.
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Gender in Transition: Discourse and Practice in German-Speaking Europe 1750-1830, Edited by Ulrike Gleixner and Marion W. Gray. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2006.
  • Introduction : gender in transition / Ulrike Gleixner and Marion W. Gray
  • Pt. I. Law, administration, moral discourse, and gender
  • Gender as a medium of change in Berlin's politics of poverty, 1770-1850 / Dietlind Huchtker
  • development of the discourse on infanticide in the late eighteenth century and the new legal standardization of the offense in the nineteenth century / Kerstin Michalik
  • Pt. II. economy, the public, and the private
  • Gender and control in the merchant's world : Stralsund, 1750-1830 / Daniel A. Rabuzzi


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