War & Nation/Nation-building & Men/Masculinity

Coelo, Issa Serge. Daresalam. Chad, 2000.
Ping, Wang. The East is Red. Dongfang Hong, The East Is Red: A Song and Dance Epic. China, 1965.

Directed by Wang Ping, one of the very few women directors of Chinese cinema at the time. 

Webber, Peter. Emperor. United States, Japan: Roadside Attractions Lionsgate, Shochiku Company , 2012.

Premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in October 2012 before theatrical release the following year in the United States and Japan.

Shinoda, Masahiro. Childhood Days. Shōnen jidai. Japan: Nihon Eiga Satellite Broadcasting, 1990.
Ôshima, Nagisa. Band of Ninja. Ninja bugei-chô. Japan: Art Theater Guild, 1967.


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