War & Nation/Nation-building & Women/Femininity

Hooper, Tom. The King's Speech. United States: The Weinstein Company, Momentum Pictures, 2010.
Strobl, Ingrid. Die Angst kam erst danach : Jüdische Frauen im Widerstand in Europa 1939-1945 In Fischer-Taschenbuch ;; 13677; Variation: Fischer-Taschenbuch.; Die Frau in der Gesellschaft ;; 13677. Frankfurt, Germany: Fischer Taschenbuch Verlag, 1998.
Staudte, Wolfgang. Murderers Among Us. The Murderers are Among Us. Germany: Unidoc , 1946.

A cultural product of de-nazification in Soviet-controlled East Germany, which promoted seeking justice and using war tribunals rather than vengance to address war crimes. 

Sinclair, Ingrid. Flame. Zimbabwe: California Newsreel, 1996.
Jin, Xie. The Red Detachment of Women. China, 1961.

The ballet based on this film became part of the "revolutionary model theatrical works" (geming yangbanxi, or yangbanxi) canon during the Cultural Revolution.

Deol, Kiran. Woman Rebel. United States: HBO Documentary Films, 2010.


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