War & Men

X-Men: First Class, Edited by Matthew Vaughn. United States: Twentieth Century Fox , 2011.
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MacKenzie, John. The Fourth Protocol. United States: Lorimar Motion Pictures, 1987.

based on the novel The Fourth Protocol by Frederick Forsyth

Sholder, Jack. By Dawn's Early Light. United States: HBO Pictures, 1990.
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Harris, Benjamin. Recollections of Rifleman Harris, Edited by Christopher Hibbert and Henry Curling. Hamden: Archon Books, 1970.
Bondarchuk, Sergei. War and Peace. Soviet Union: Mosfilm, 1966.
Klimov, Elem Germanovic. Come and See. Idi i smotri. Soviet Union: Mosfilm, 1985.
Tarkovskii, Andrei. Ivan's Childhood. My Name is Ivan. Soviet Union: Mosfilm, 1962.


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