War Memories & Men/Masculinity

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Censored upon its release in 1972.

Tillion, Germaine. Ravensbrück. Paris: Seuil, 1973.

Germaine Tillion, a French ethnologist, soon engaged in the Resistance after the armistice. She became one of the main leaders of the “Musée de l’homme” network, and was arrested and sent to Ravensbrück, the only all-female German concentration camp. After her liberation and the end of the war, she worked on researching and documenting the Nazi concentration universe and the psychology of the camps. This book combines eyewitness testimony with historical analysis.

L’Ancien d’Algérie. Paris, France, 2013.

“L’Ancien d’Algérie is the official press organ of the FNACA, and the messenger of the Federation. A monthly newspaper whose first issue appeared in December 1958, its circulation is around 400,000 copies on average. [...] L’Ancien d’Algérie is the only specific newspaper for veterans of North Africa. However, beyond this aspect, it constitutes the direct link between the Federation and its members.

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