War Memories & Men/Masculinity

Hara, Kazuo. The Emperor's Naked Army Marches On. Yuki Yukite Shingun. Japan: Imamura Productions, 1988.
Rademakers, Fons. The Assault. De Aanslag. Netherlands: Cannon Films, 1986.
Lanzmann, Claude. Shoah. United States: New Yorker Films, 1985.
Spielberg, Steven, and Tom Hanks. Band of Brothers. United States: HBO, 2001.

Ep 1: Currahee

Ep. 2: Day of Days

Ep. 3: Carentan

Ep. 4: Replacements

Ep. 5: Crossroads

Ep. 6: Bastogne

Ep. 7: The Breaking Point

Ep. 8: The Last Patrol

Ep. 9: Why We Fight

Ep. 10: Points

Malle, Louis. Au Revoir Les Enfants. France: MK2 Diffusion, 1987.

based on director Louis Malle's childhood


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