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Ichikawa, Kon. Fires on the Plain. Nobi. Japan: Daiei Film, 1959.
Holland, Agnieszka. Europa Europa. Germany, France, Poland: Orion , 1990.
Verhoeven, Paul. Black Book. Netherlands: A-Film Distribution, 2006.
Petersen, Wolfgang. Das Boot. Germany: Neue Constantin Film, 1981.
Johnston, Joe. Captain America: The First Avenger. United States: Paramount Pictures, 2011.

Part of the Marvel comicbook universe

Menzel, Jirí. Closely Watched Trains. Closely Observed Trains. Czechoslovakia: Ústřední Půjčovna Filmů, 1966.
Imamura, Shôhei. Black Rain. Kuroi ame. Japan: Hayashibara Group, 1989.
Hrebejk, Jan. Divided We Fall. We Must Help Each Other. Czech Republic: Space Films, 2000.
Hamilton, Guy. Battle of Britain. United Kingdom: MGM, 1969.
Curtiz, Michael. Casablanca. United States: Warner Bros., 1943.


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