Television/Netflix/Amazon Series

Evans, David, Richard Clark, and Thaddeus O'Sullivan. The Crimson Field. United Kingdom: BBC One, 2014.
Moore, Roland. Land Girls. Britain, BBC, 2009.
MacLennan, Michael, and Adrienne Mitchell. Bomb Girls., 2012.
Vincent, David. Women of World War One. United Kingdom: BBC, 2014.

Produced especially for classroom use in secondary/high schools.

Ewing, Heidi, and Rachel Grady. Women in War. United States: PBS, 2014.
Cinkwright, Kathy, and Mary Makley. Southern Belle. United States: ITVS and Nashville Public Television, 2010.
Clarke, Alan. Contact. United Kingdom: BBC, 1985.
Poitras, Laura. My Country, My Country In P.O.V. United States: Zeitgeist Films, 2006.


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