Television/Netflix/Amazon Series

Serreau, Coline. Pierre Brossolette. Pierre Brossolette ou les passagers de la lune. France: France 3 (FR 3), 2015.
Tasma, Alain. Alias Caracalla, in the Heart of the Resistance. France: France Television, 2013.

Ep. 1: Les Rebelles du 17 juin

Ep. 2: Rex, mon patron

Krivine, Frédéric, Emmanuel Daucel, and Philippe Triboit. Un Village Français. France: France 3, 2009.
Schöndorff, Volker. Calm at Sea. United States: Corinth Films , 2011.

Screenwriters used archival research, including diaries, letters, and reports, as well as writing by poet and author Ernst Jünger, French journalist Pierre-Louis Basse. and German novelist Heinrich Böll. Jünger was a participant of the film's events.

Duke, Daryl. Florence Nightingale. UK: Cypress Point Productions, 1985.
Chomsky, Marvin J., and John Goldsmith. Catherine the Great. Germany: MR Produktionsfilm, 1995.


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