Feature Film

Chomsky, Marvin J., and John Goldsmith. Catherine the Great. Germany: MR Produktionsfilm, 1995.
Frankenheimer, John. The Train. John Frankenheimer's The Train. United States: United Artists, 1965.
Clément, René. La Bataille du Rail. France: Union Française de Production Cinématographique (UFPC), 1946.

First film about World War II produced and distributed in France since 1940. 

Deslauriers, Guy. L'Exil du Roi Behanzin. Behanzin. France: Swift Distribution, 1994.
Wargnier, Régis. A French Woman. France: UGC Distribution , 1995.
Huberty, Martin. Deserter. Legion of Honor., 2002.
Palitzsch, Peter, and Manfred Wekwerth. Mother Courage and her Children. Germany: Progress Film-Verleih, 1961.


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