Feature Film

Chiche, Franck. Je Vous ai Compris. I've Got You. France: Arte, 2012.
Guerdjou, Bourlem. Vivre au paradise. France: Tadrart Films, 1999.
Téchiné, André. Wild Reeds. France: Pan Européenne Distribution, 1994.
Martin, Hugues, and Sandra Martin. Djinns. France: SND Films, 2010.
Bouchareb, Rachid. Hors la loi / Outside the Law . Outlaw. France, Algier, Belgium: StudioCanal, 2010.

This film was the subject of a vigorous polemic in France over artistic liberty versus historical truth. It has been criticized in varying degrees by French historians on the right and the left, and should not be taken to be 'history exactly as it happened.'

Charef, Mehdi. Cartouches Gaulloises. Summer of '62. France: Pathé, 2007.
Herbiet, Laurent. Mon colonel. France: Pathé, 2006.
Ray, Nicholas, and Guy Green. 55 Days at Peking. United States: Allied Artists, 1963.


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