Feature Film

Barker, Reginald. The Coward. United States: Triangle Distributing , 1915.

An example of the national embrace of the Lost Cause in popular culture in the early 20th century, The Coward explores the theme of courage in battle. The elderly Winslow, a proud and prominent Virginia planter, volunteers his and his son's service to the Confederate Army. When the son deserts due to cowardice, his father takes his place. The young son redeems himself when he obtains intelligence about Union army strategy and conveys it to the Confederate army.

Nichols, Dudley. Mourning Becomes Electra. United States: RKO Radio Pictures, 1947.

Eugene O'Neill's play was an adaptation of the Greek tragedy Oresteia

Pontecorvo, Gillo. La battaglia di Algeri / The Battle of Algiers. La battaglia di Algeri, معركة الجزائر‎. Italy, Algeria: Magna, Rizzoli, Rialto Pictures, 1966.
Khelifa, Said Ould. Zabana!. Algeria, 2012.
Cavalier, Alain. L’Insoumis / The Unvanquished . Die Hölle von Algier, Have I the Right to Kill? France, Italy: Delbeau Prod Cipra (Paris) PCM (Rome), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1964.


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