Feature Film

Scola, Ettore. That Night in Varennes. Il mondo nuovo. France: Gaumont, 1982.
Rohmer, Eric. The Lady and the Duke. France: Pathé, 2001.

Based on the memoirs of Grace Elliott

Renoir, Jean. La Marseillaise. France, 1938.

Financed by members of the French Popular Front

Vidor, King. Northwest Passage. United States: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) , 1940.

The film's title is misleading. 

Krawczyk, Gérard. Fanfan la Tulipe. France: Gaumont, 2003.
Wheatley, Ben. A Field in England. United Kingdom: Film4 Productions, 2013.
Reeves, Michael. Witchfinder General. The Conqueror Worm. United Kingdom: Tigon Pictures, 1968.
MacDonald, David. The Moonraker. United Kingdom: Associated British-Pathé, 1958.


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