Feature Film

Modi, Sohrab. The Tiger and the Flame. United States: United Artists, 1953.
Kumar, Manoj. Kranti. India, 1981.
Benegal, Shyam. Junoon. The Obsession. India, 1978.
Benedek, Laslo. Bengal Brigade. United States: Universal-International, 1954.
Trueba, Fernando. The Girl of Your Dreams. Spain: Lolafilms Distribución , 1998.
del Toro, Guillermo. The Devil's Backbone. Spain: Warner Sogefilms A.I.E., 2001.
del Toro, Guillermo. Pan's Labyrinth. Spain: Warner Bros. Pictures, 2006.
Malraux, André, and Boris Peskine. L'Espoir. Days of Hope. Spain: Interpeninsular, As Films S.A., 1945.
Zinnemann, Fred. Behold a Pale Horse. United States: Columbia Pictures, 1964.
Wood, Sam. For Whom the Bell Tolls. United States: Paramount Pictures, 1943.


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