War & State-formation

Eisenstein, Sergei M. Strike. Soviet Union: Goskino, 1925.

Part of Eisenstein's revolutionary triology. Also see Battleship Potemkin and October (Ten Days that Shook the World).

Dovzhenko, Aleksandr. Arsenal. Soviet Union: VUFKU, 1929.

see Earth, the final installment of Dovzhenko's trilogy

Jacquot, Benoît. Farewell, My Queen. France: Ad Vitam Distribution, 2012.
Griffith, D.W. Orphans of the Storm. United States: United Artists , 1921.

Silent, with added musical score and English intertitles.

Han, Sanping, and Jianxin Huang. The Founding of a Republic. Jian guo da ye. China: China Film Group, 2009.
Erice, Víctor. The Spirit of the Beehive. Spain: Bocaccio Distribución, 1973.
Writers, Zimbabwe Women. Women of Resilience. Harare, Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe Women Writers, 2000.
Lamata, Luis Alberto. Miranda Regresa. Venezuela: Amazonia Films, 2007.
Pivotto, Sebastián. Belgrano. Argentina, 2010.

produced to celebrate Argentina's bicentennial

Wajda, Andrzej. Danton (1983). France, Poland, Germany: Gaumont, 1983.


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