War & Nation/Nation-building

Germany and the Second World War. Vol. 1. Oxford; New York: Clarendon Press ; Oxford University Press, 2000.

Introduction (Wolfram Wette)
Part 1. Ideology, Propaganda, and Internal
Politics as Preconditions of the War
Policy of the Third Reich: Militarist and pacifist
Ideaologies in the last phase of the Weimar Republic
Propaganda mobilization for war
Organizing society in preparation for war (Hans-Erich Volkmann)
Part 2. The National Socialist
Economy in Preparation for War
From international economy to large-area economy
The National Socialist war economy
Job-creation and armament boom

Kandiyoti, Deniz. "Women, Ethnicity, and Nationalism." In Ethnicity, edited by John Hutchinson and Anthony D. Smith, 311-316. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1996.


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