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The keyword search in the collection of websites allows users to look for websites on the subject of gender, military and war that provide access to Online collections of primary sources, educational resources and Online encyclopedia. The collection primarily includes websites provided by public institutions like archives, bibliographies, foundations, libraries, museums, research institutions or universities. The focus of the collection is on the wars of the twentieth century, especially the First and Second World War, because for them much more websites are available. Most of the included websites are in English, French or German.

Users can search for these websites by using one or a combination of two and more, keyword for their search. They can search for major wars, time periods, regions or countries. In addition, a thematic keyword search is possible, which is based on a selection of broad terms defined by the editors of the Oxford Handbook of Gender, War and the Western World since 1600 edited by Karen Hagemann, Stefan Dudink, and Sonya O. Rose (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2020). They represent some of its central themes and questions. For information on the various keywords and tags associated with the Bibliography, Filmography and Webography, go to About the Search Options.

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Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel: Digitale Bibliothek (WDB) Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel

In der Wolfenbütteler Digitalen Bibliothek stellt die Herzog August Bibliothek forschungsrelevante, besonders seltene, herausragende oder häufig genutzte Teile ihres Altbestandes über Internet zur Verfügung. Alle digitalisierten Titel sind nicht nur hier, sondern, soweit es sich um selbstständige Drucke bzw. Monographien handelt, auch über den PICA-OPAC erreichbar.

Sofern es sich um Projekte handelt, die über die Formalerschließung im Katalog hinausgehen, findet sich innerhalb des jeweiligen Projektes eine Datenbank zur projektspezifischen Recherche, eine Signaturenliste mit einem Überblick über die digitalisierten Titel oder Materialien bzw. einen Suchlink in den Katalog, Hinweise zur Sekundärliteratur und Informationen zu den verwendeten Projektmaterialien. Es wird angestrebt, über die bibliothekarische Formal- und Sacherschließung hinaus in einem Projektportal weitergehende Informationen und Recherchemöglichkeiten anzubieten.

Informationen zu digitalisierten...

Graphic Material
Het Auswärtige Amt en de joden in Nederland (1933-1945) NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The German Foreign Office and Jews in the Netherlands (1933–1945) offers users access documents on the role of the the Auswärtige Amt (German Foreign Office), but also other German and Nazi organizations, in the persecution and destruction of Jews in the Netherlands. The site contains more than 2,000 digitized sources, which are accompanied by extensive notes and explanations in English. Individual entries, however, are in Dutch, and the documents themselves are presented as scans of the German–language originals.

Primary Source Collections
Hidden Patterns of the Civil War Nathaniel Ayers

Created at the University of Richmond (VA) Digital Scholarship Lab, this multifaceted project offers users a range of tools for accessing information and visualizing data related to the American Civil War. Highlights include tools that map waves of wartime emancipation of the enslaved, wartime elections, and a digital archive of the Richmond Dispatch, a source rich in primary sources about military life and the homefront.  

Primary Source Collections
Histoire et Conflits Institut national de l'audiovisuel

Created by the INA (National Audiovisual Institute) of France, History and Conflicts is a repository of French audiovisual sources on major conflicts of the twentieth century, including the World Wars, the French-Indochina War, conflicts in the Middle East, the Algerian War of Independence and other Cold War–era conflicts and revolutions. A public cultural organization charged with preserving and maintaining access to France’s audiovisual patrimony, the institute has provided users with access to over 100,00 hours of radio and television programs, as well as online content. Relevant material is sorted intot he collection "Histoire et conflits," which is separated into periods and wars, and which can be both browsed and searched according to multiple criteria of time, place, personages and more.

Primary Source Collections
Historic Government Publications from World War II Southern Methodist Univeristy

Comprised of materials from the Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX) Libraries' Government Information Resources department, this site offers users access to 343 information pamphlets, governmnet reports, speeches, propaganda materials, and other documents produced by the US Government Printing Office during World War II. Users can search or browse materials according to a range of categories including issues related to women and guides for personnel in foreign countries. This site also contains links to the libraries' other digital collections and special collections.

Primary Source Collections
Historical Archives of the European Union European University Institute

The European University Institute (EUI) is a unique international center for doctorate and post-doctorate studies and research. The Historical Archives preserves and makes accessible in a central location the archival holdings of the European Union Institutions. In addition, the HAEU collects private papers of key European politicians, high-ranking EU officials and individuals involved in the process of European integration as well as the archives of pro-European movements and other organizations with a European scope. The collection materials consist mostly of copies of archival documents from private collections, foundations and National Archives and Diplomatic Archives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs. 

Website Historical Sciences on the Internet Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

A project supported by—among others—the State Library of Bavaria, the German National Library, and diverse universities including Cologne and Mainz, as well as associations such as H-Soz-u-Kult and the German Historical Institute of Paris, has been designed for an audience of professional historians, history teachers, teachers in training, students, and the interested public. It provides access to sources on topics ranging back to the early modern period through a series of curated thematic collections, as well as through keyword, title, and other search functions. Site is primarily in German, but provides access to some English–language materials.

Monograph/Academic Study
Holocaust Rescue and Relief Andover-Harvard Theological Library

Jointly funded by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (Washington, DC) and the Centre de documentation juive contemporaine (Paris) and hosted by the Andover–Harvard Theological Library, this site provides users with access to the records of the Unitarian Service Committee, established in 1939 and responsible for efforts to aid victims of World War II in Europe by providing food, clothing, medical care, and support for immigration to the US. The digitized boxes of documents comprise some 238,00 documents and 3,100 photographs, and include collections related to the committee's executive as well as individual case files.

Primary Source Collections
Holocaust-Era Assets National Archives

This site provides access to the records held by the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA, College Park, MD) on assets looted during the Holocaust and subsequently located, recovered, and returned. The primary stimulus for recent interest in these issues came only in the 1990s with the discovery of Swiss bank accounts and gold looted by the Nazis, but it has expanded to include cultural artifacts, art, and other monetary instruments. NARA actively aids researchers and implements the 1998 Nazi War Crimes Records Disclosure Act, a federal law requiring declassification and disclosure of materials related to Nazi war crimes and war criminals. The collection includes a digitized version of the finding aid and online versions of a number of relevant publications.

Primary Source Collections
Holy See: Official Website of the Vatican Holy See

An official online publication of the Holy See, this site provides users with digital texts of a variety of documents related to the activities of individual popes. Users can browse a chronological listing, which leads, where relevant, to a page with categorized documents on a range of issues. A separate archive page takes users to collections of historical documents, including those relevant to the Second World War. Many pages and materials are translated into English, with Italian, Spanish, and other languages also represented.

Primary Source Collections
Human Rights Watch: Reports Human Rights Watch

This website offers users access to reports and other information created by Human Rights Watch, a respected global nongovernmental organization concentrating on a range of human rights issues. The archive of reports dates back to 1982, with extensive coverage of issues, conflicts and problems since 1991. They include, among many others, issues of torture, detention and armed conflict, but also discrimination based on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. The site also contains video reports, photo essays and a section reporting outcomes of HRW advocacy. All site materials are in English, but there are also versions in a range of other European and global languages.

Primary Source Collections
I Remember Drabkin, Artem

Created with support from the Russian Federation's Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication, this site offers readers a selection of first-person narratives collected and interviews taken in recent years about everyday experiences of World War II in the Soviet Union. It includes not only male soldiers, but also women combat soldiers, as well as nurses and other noncombat personnel. Entries are text searchable, but the site offers no browse function  This English–language site offers only a small selection, approximately 50, of the many hundred available in Russian.

Primary Source Collections
Illustrated First World War The Illustrated First World War

Providing users with access to digitized versions of seven illustrated journals from the war years—Illustrated London News, Illustrated War News, The Sphere, The Sketch, The Tatler, The Bystander, The Graphic and The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News—the Illustrated First World War was launched in response to the centenary of the war and is of interest to researchers, teachers, students, and the public. With public support, the archive provides searchable and browseable access to the periodicals. 

Primary Source Collections
Imperial War Museums Imperial War Museums

A partially government-funded set of five museums across the United Kingdom that relies on donations, the Imperial War Museum offers digital collections arranged according to type of source: books, art, documents, films, exhibitions, and more. The collections are keyword searchable, and aim to be comprehensive about twentieth- and twenty-first century conflicts involving Britain, the Commonwealth, and other former imperial posessions. Concentrated less on the history of individual units, service branches, or campaigns, the museum emphasizes the everyday life of individuals through their diaries, letters, and other materials.

Important Concepts Underlying Gender Mainstreaming United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

Part of a broader UN examination of gender mainstreaming, this page provides clarity on the related concepts of gender and equality.

Improvement of the Status of Women in the United Nations System Secretary General to the UN General Assembly

In response to General Assembly resolution A/RES/62/137 of 14 February 2008, the present report provides information on the status of women in the United Nations system including up-to-date statistics, information on progress made and obstacles encountered in achieving gender balance, and recommendations for accelerating progress. It includes information on the representation of women in organizations and agencies of the United Nations system from 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2007, and in the United Nations Secretariat from 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2008. In the United Nations system, the representation of women in the Professional and higher categories increased negligibly from 36.9 to 38.4 per cent between December 2004 and December 2007, a total of 1.5 per cent - an annual average increase of 0.5. In the Secretariat, the percentage of women staff in the Professional and higher categories showed a negligible improvement of 0.2 per cent during the two-year period 1 July 2006 to 30...

INCORE: Conflict Data Service: Peace Agreements Ulster University

Created by the International Conflict Research Institute at Ulster University, this website offers an archive of peace agreements and related documentation on conflicts, with a special emphasis on long-term, low-intensity ethnic or national conflicts with a particular emphasis on the 1980s and 1990s. Documents are divided by geographic region, country, and conflict, and most are available in English versions.

Primary Source Collections
Interactive Maps for the First Indochina War and the Vietnam War OmniAtlas, free interactive historical atlas

OmniAtlas provides interactive timelines with accompanying maps portraying wars in Indochina. The timelines and maps show the main events of the conflicts with a short description of each event.

Website: First Indochina War

Website: Vietnam War

Interactive Timeline of the American Revolution 'Museum of the American Revolution'

The Museum of the American Revolution has created this interactive timeline to allow students access to photographs of a variety of fascinating images from the museum’s own collection. Artifacts such as Hessian headgear worn in the conflict, soldiers’ powder horns, cups from Washington’s camp, and of course, dozens of different weapons used in the war illustrate the timeline and help students of the Revolution experience the reality of war in the 18th century.

Interactive Timeline of the First World War Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich

The International Encyclopedia of the First World War, an English-language virtual reference work on the First World War, has created a vibrant, informative interactive timeline illustrating key events of the First World War with primary documents and artistic depictions of battles, treaties, and life on the home front.

Interactive Timeline with a Global Map on World War II American Battle Monuments Commission

This interactive timeline with a changing global map on World War II from the prewar to the postwar period is provided by the American Battle Monuments Commission. The site has a strong focus on the United States involvement in the conflict and central battles of the US Armed Forces.

Interactive Timelines with Maps for the First World War OmniAtlas

Omniatlas is a free historical atlas which shows step-by-step historical maps covering major world and regional events. On this site you can discover free maps, articles, and timelines for education, reference, and teacher resources.

OmniAtlas provides interactive timelines with accompanying maps portraying World War I. The timelines and maps show the main events of the conflict on a global scale with a short description of each event.

Interactive Vietnam War Timeline with Primary Document The National Archives and Records Administration

The National Archives has a wealth of records and information documenting the U.S. experience in the Vietnam conflict. These include photographs, textual and electronic records, audiovisual recordings, exhibits, educational resources, articles, blog posts, lectures, and events, as well as an interactive timeline that documents the key events of the Vietnam War.

Interactive World War I Timeline with Maps and Primary Documents Library of Congress

In partnership with the Library of Congress and UNESCO, the World Digital Library has compiled dozens of primary documents and photographs to create an illustrated, interactive timeline of the First World War. Propaganda posters, Arab language newspapers, military publications, and photographs taken within and of the actual conflicts throughout multiple battle sites combine in a timeline to create a realistic and compelling learning tool for students of the Great War.

International Atomic Energy Agency Bulletin International Atomic Energy Agency

This site contains an archive of publications by the International Atomic Energy Agency dating back to 1958. These scientific and technical publications include international safety standards, technical guides, conference proceedings and scientific reports, as well as the general interest IAEA Bulletin, factsheets and topical booklets. All materials and site pages are available in English.

Primary Source Collections
International Center for Transitional Justice: Publications International Center for Transitional Justice

The website of the International Center for Transitional Justice offers access to the international nonprofit organization's publications on efforts to address the effects of human-rights violations or other forms of state-sponsered violence by building civic trust. The reports reflect the range of the center's activities, which involve institutions and civil society groups attempting to further processes of truth, accountability, and redress for past abuses. The materials include a range of reports, fact sheets, newsletters, research papers and other analytical publications, all of which are searchable and browseable. The site and its publications are in English.

Primary Source Collections