Welcome to GWonline, the Bibliography, Filmography and Webography on Gender and War since 1600. This project collects and organizes titles of secondary literature, women’s autobiographies, films and informative websites on this subject to make them available to the public. Alongside full text searching, it allows users to explore the collections of curated sources through multiple entry points: author or director, publication or release date, collection, major wars, countries and regions or keywords.

GWonline is connected to the  Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600 (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2019), edited by Karen Hagemann (general editor), Stefan Dudink and Sonya A. Rose. It also  allows a literature search by Handbook chapters. The approach and scope of the handbook defined the content of GWonline, which we regulary update.

This project is supported by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was created in cooperation with UNC IT Research by a team of graduate and undergraduate students. Their weekly recommendations for literature, films and websites on the theme of gender and war you can find  on our  GWonline Facebook site.

To learn more about the way  GWonline works please use our  video guide. A brief overview of the project provides our brochure.

We welcome any financial support  helping us to finance the continuation of this low budget public history project, which had 76,500 visitors in mid-February 2019.


Dr. Karen Hagemann (Project Director)

James G. Kenan Distinguished Professor of History
and Adjunct Professor of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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