Chapter 32: Abstract

Gender, Wars of Globalization and Humanitarian Interventions since the End of the Cold War

Kristen P. Williams (Clark University, Department of Political Sciences)


The collapse of the Soviet Union, peaceful revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe that ended communist rule, and the reunification of Germany marked the end of the Cold War. Different than originally hoped, this did not usher in a new period of peace and stability around the world. Instead, more than two decades later since the emergence of this new era in world politics, conflicts continue to afflict the international community, predominantly in the form of intrastate, or civil, wars (although interstate wars are also present). Exploring the most recent history of gender, military and war, this chapter examines to what extent the current era of globalization comes with new types of wars, changes in modes of waging war, and humanitarian intervention, and how these are related to gender.


Wars of Globalization; Humanitarian Intervention; New Wars; New Humanitarianism; Private Militaries; United Nations; Gender; Masculinities; Africa; Europe; Middle East; United States.

"Epilouge" of the Oxford Handbook of Gender and War since 1600.

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