Crossed Currents: Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook

TitleCrossed Currents: Navy Women from WWI to Tailhook
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsEbbert, Jean, and Marie-Beth Hall
Number of Pages321
PublisherBrassey's, Inc.
CityWashington, DC

Crossed Currents is the first history of women in the U.S. Navy. Since the World War I service of Yeoman (F) Loretta Perfectus Walsh - the first U.S. servicewoman not a nurse - through the Gulf War and the recent Tailhook scandal, women have struggled for acceptance within the U.S. Navy. This book tells a fascinating story of two currents crossing and recrossing, sometimes conflicting, sometimes converging. One current is the Navy's attempt to include women gradually without losing its traditional values. The other is that of women challenging the Navy's assumptions, their aspirations rising as their opportunities widen. And as any sailor knows, where currents cross the waters are troubled.

Short TitleCrossed Currents
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