La División Sexual del Trabajo por la Paz: Género y Rehabilitación Posbélica en El Salvador y Bosnia-Herzegovina

TitleLa División Sexual del Trabajo por la Paz: Género y Rehabilitación Posbélica en El Salvador y Bosnia-Herzegovina
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAzkue, Irantzu Mendia
Number of Pages314
PublisherTecnos, D.L.
City, CountryMadrid, Spain

In the last two decades, academic and political interest in the role of women's organizations in processes of post-war rehabilitation and peace building has increased. As a result, there has been some progress in recognizing the importance of women participating in all decision-making spaces related to conflict resolution and peace building. However, in practice, this recognition has occurred alongside the consolidation of a sexual division of labor for peace, whereby women remain excluded from the formal negotiating spaces of political agreements and are the majority in the building informal and local peace. This is precisely a space for action in which, in reality, the main international donor agencies and countries have little interest, because they do not represent a substantial objective within the liberal peace agenda implemented extensively in contexts of post-war rehabilitation. This book explores these questions from a theoretical review on the relationship between gender, armed conflicts and the construction of peace. In turn, it presents, as case studies, the experience of women's organizations in El Salvador and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The in-depth analysis and comparison of both cases will allow us to explain whether their differences in context and typology of armed conflicts - the first associated with the ideological confrontation of the Cold War and the second characterized controversially as a "new war" - have influenced or not in the work of post-war rehabilitation and peacebuilding of women's organizations in both countries.

Translated TitleThe Sexual Division of Labor for Peace: Gender and Post-war Rehabilitation in El Salvador and Bosnia-Herzegovina
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