La femme et la guerre: aux mères franꞔaises

TitleLa femme et la guerre: aux mères franꞔaises
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1916
AuthorsSpont, Henry
Number of Pages268
CityParis, France

In this classic treatise on gender in France during WWI, Henry Spont argued that all French women desired to marry and have children, but the men of France had failed them in this regard, and the ongoing war which would eventually devastate so much of the French population had rendered it necessary for French society to reevalute the role of women, since so many would be deprived of their natural positions as mothers and wives. Spont analyzed the causes and possible solutions to the single French woman and refused to accept that this new problem was anyone's fault but the society and the men who had created it.

Translated TitleWomen and War: to French mothers
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