Women in Air War: The Eastern Front of World War II

TitleWomen in Air War: The Eastern Front of World War II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsCottam, Kazimiera Janina
Number of Pages313
PublisherNew Military Publishing
CityNepean, ON

This book is a unique collection of WWII memoirs that tell, in a simple, unaffected style, the story of the three women's air fighting groups which owed their existence to Marina Raskova, a remarkable pioneer woman navigator-pilot. Of the three women's wings, the night bomber regiment was awarded an unprecedented number of Gold Stars of Hero of the Soviet Union, the highest Soviet decoration, and its aircrews at times flew as many as eighteen short-range missions per night. The unit was staffed exclusively by women. In contrast, the dive bomber and fighter wings included some male personnel, mainly in ground support roles. As well, the fighter wing eventually acquired one male squadron, in part as replacement of a female squadron previously sent to Stalingrad. 

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