Prostitution et Révolution : les femmes publiques dans la cité républicaine (1789-1804)

TitleProstitution et Révolution : les femmes publiques dans la cité républicaine (1789-1804)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPlumauzille, Clyde
Number of Pages393
PublisherChamp Vallon

Denounced as the cursed but necessary part of urban society, prostitution was decriminalized in 1791. Moving past the fantasies and prejudices that too often characterize the history of revolution-era prostitution, this immersino in the world of prostitutes and of those who regulate their activity interrogates the relationship between the revolutionary moment and prostitution. What was prostitution at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, while the death knell sounded over the brotherls of the old regime? What role did the Revolution play in this respect? Was the de-criminalization itself a revolution? Exploring this angle revitalizes the prostitutes' modes of existence and reveals the origins of contemporary policies on prostitution and uncovers a oment in the history of citizenship as yet largey lunknown. In this space, where "public women" rubbed shoulders with "honest citizens," police men and men of law, prostitution reveals the moral frontiers of the revolutinoary project and proposes an alternative history of sexuality in revolution. This history is one of paradoxical liberealisation of prostitution which shapes the contours of the "diminished citizens" category in the republican city.

Translated TitleProstitution and Revolution: Public Women in the Republican City (1789-1804)
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