Cuadernos de Kabul: Historias de Mujeres, Hombres y Niños Atrapados en una Guerra

TitleCuadernos de Kabul: Historias de Mujeres, Hombres y Niños Atrapados en una Guerra
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLobo, Ramón
Number of Pages160
CityBarcelona, Spain

This is a book of people and smells, of a Kabul at street level that flows parallel to politics and war. A Kabul often invisible to most foreign diplomats and contractors who move in armored vehicles and live in luxury hotels or walled homes protected by armies of private guards. Journalism is to dust your shoes, step on the street, listen, get excited to connect with the emotion of the other, the only one that matters. Notebooks of Kabul immerses us in the other side of the war, that of the small or big stories of the real victims of the conflict: those who almost never have the right to star in their own news. Ramón Lobo reminds us of the anonymous struggle of civilians, the weight of life in the rear, the pain of people who try to live another day in the middle of a warlike confrontation. Not as an explanation of what happens there, but as a sign of a reality full of colors, smells and tastes, of people without the right to a name and a voice. (OCLC)

Translated TitleKabul Notebooks: Stories of Women, Men and Children Caught in War
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