La Crisis en Oriente Medio y la Transformación de la Sociedad Internacional

TitleLa Crisis en Oriente Medio y la Transformación de la Sociedad Internacional
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRivas, Enrique Madrazo, and Sara Selva Ortiz
Number of Pages204
PublisherMadrid Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU imp.
CityMadrid, Spain

In this work, the authors use the crisis in Syria and the Middle East as a whole as a paradigm of the international model, in an effort to identify the meaning of the transformations that are taking place in the region and, as a result, where a model of international society can be derived. Small and large events, wars, revolutions, processes of independence not only leave their mark, but also condition the paths through which the social model moves. Although it is not possible, usually, to anticipate what is going to happen, it is easy to appreciate an element present in the evolution process; it is the increasing acceleration that makes changes in the situation of the whole seem very unforeseen, almost out of nothing. The question is not that there are no precursory reasons or situations, but, rather, that the events are linked with less time, implying that decisions are made more quickly.

Translated TitleThe Crisis in the Middle East and the Transformation of the International Society
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