Esta Guerra Que Se Va...: Territorio y Violencias, Desigualdad y Fragmentación Social

TitleEsta Guerra Que Se Va...: Territorio y Violencias, Desigualdad y Fragmentación Social
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDuarte, Ricardo García
Number of Pages442
PublisherEditorial UD, Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
CityBogotá, Colombia

This war that is leaving... although often, like the weary visitors, it does not want to leave at all, it provides the rhythm, the note and the tone of the continuous cycles that repeat themselves in the history of Colombia between war and peace, between violence and coexistence; such as the very prolonged and tortuous cycle that opened with the taking of Marquetalia and the resumption of the communist guerrillas, which by the way encountered other violent actors along the way, such as the narcos and the paras, in a perverse crossroad of conflicts, in which each social actor imposed on the other, the qualifier of enemy; but underneath it was hidden a devilish web of strategies for the dispossession of territories, the displacement of communities, the usurpation of wealth and the affirmation of identities in illegality. This book, the result of a collective investigation, offers a comprehensive and original look at the explanation of armed conflicts, which have been an expression of the dispute for resources in the midst of an order that, while guaranteeing political stability, has nevertheless given rise to a disorderly territorial expansion and economic growth in the midst of social fragmentation. [Translated from Publisher]

Translated TitleThis War That Goes Away...: Territory and Violence, Inequality and Social Fragmentation
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