Aprendizajes de Construcción de Paz en Montes de María

TitleAprendizajes de Construcción de Paz en Montes de María
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsGarcía, Marcela Fernanda P., Julián A. Barajas Jaimes, Laura Constanza Izquierdo, Jesús David Huertas, and Fernando Augusto Sa Santander
Number of Pages225
PublisherCINEP Programa por la Paz
CityBogotá, Colombia

Peace does not occur in a vacuum, its construction is understood as a concrete response to the real conditions of a conflict. The studies on the mobilization for peace and the knowledge of the emerging experiences in the territories indicate that the diverse actors work with creativity and courage in the transformation of conflictive situations. This publication shows how four communities of the Montes de María face conflicts in their territories, achieving progress in processes of resistance, reconciliation, identity construction and the enforcement of rights; with them, identify lessons learned for the construction of peace from the regions. [ Translated from Publisher]

Translated TitlePeacebuilding Lessons in Montes de María
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