Home Fronts, Gender War and Conflict

TitleHome Fronts, Gender War and Conflict
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsAndrews, Maggie, and Janis Lomas
JournalWomen's History Review
Pagination523 - 527
Date Published06/2016

This article investigates the domestic, everyday lives of women during the First World War and also articulates a commitment to explore not just the British First World War home front but also women's lives on multiple and varied home fronts in a range of conflicts, across diverse historical periods and geographical areas. The article also demonstrates how class played a large part in how the war was experienced on the home front. There are thus different home fronts, even within one country, and within them both continuities and changes in the paid and domestic work which women undertake in times of war; many traditional roles and responsibilities continued sometimes alongside new and different tasks within the homes or the workplace. [WorldCat]

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