Recovery: Women's Overseas Service in World War I

TitleRecovery: Women's Overseas Service in World War I
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMatthew, Kay Morris
Number of Pages172
PublisherTairawhiti Museum

This book is about making visible the work that New Zealand women undertook overseas during World War I. It documents their bravery and self-sacrifice as well as their everyday work, often interspersed with discomfort, danger and destruction. This book showcases women from the East Coast who served overseas either with the armed services or as volunteers between 1915 and 1919. They served with 12 different service organizations in England as well as within war zones in Turkey, Egypt, France, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Palestine and East Africa. They worked in tent and temporary field hospitals behind the front lines, in hospitals set up in large houses and halls, on hospital and transport ships, on ambulance trains, in offices, and on airfields. It was dangerous work. Many were highly decorated and received military service medals. Their stories are hereby placed on the public record to accompany the 2017 Tairawhiti Museum exhibition featuring women who served overseas in World War One.

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