Le tribunal de la Terreur

TitleLe tribunal de la Terreur
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsPierrat, Emmanuel

From August 17, 1792 to May 31, 1795, the Salle des Libertés, in the heart of the Palais de Justice in Paris, resonated with the most tragic of the episodes of the French Revolution. Under the authority of the notorious public prosecutor Fouquier-Tinvill, the revolutionary tribunal sent more than 2500 people to the scaffold. By leaning on the acts of these proceedings, the newspapers of the time, and the unpublished files of certain defendants, the author delivers the terrifying story of these years of civil war. This volume brings several notable figures to life, including Marie Antoinette, Danton, Olympe de Gouges, Philippe Egalité, Madame Roland, Camille Desmoulins, Jean-Pierre Brissot, Saint-Just, and Robespierre. Many of these figures are those who passed from the rank of judge to the defendant’s box. By plunging into the heart of the revolutionary judicial machine, the author paints a picture of this Tribunal of the Terror, the mirror of a country which ‘did not reform itself’ but judged itself with ardor. [translated and modified from author]

Translated TitleThe Tribunal of the Terror
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