Les Vésuviennes : les femmes-soldats dans la société de 1848

TitleLes Vésuviennes : les femmes-soldats dans la société de 1848
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsStrumingher, Laura S., Philippe Régnier, Raimund Rütten, Ruth Jung, and Gerhard Schneider
Book TitleLa caricature entre République et censure : L’imagerie satirique en France de 1830 à 1880 : un discours de résistance ?
PublisherPresses universitaires de Lyon

During the February 1848 Revolution, French women had hope for a time that they would see their political rights respected and their social situation bettered. They hoped also for the legalization of divorce and an easier access to education. These hopes were ridiculed in public meetings and in plays, songs, speeches, and antifeminist cartoons which appeared in the press in the beginning of March. The most significant symbolic product of this satire is the Vésuvienne, a complex image of the woman-warrior, at once agreeably seductive and scandalously rebellious. This article, which aims to identify, analyze, and evaluate the importance of this political reality, is part of a larger study on the participation of Parisian women in the Revolution of 1848. It was prompted as much by the quality and the humor of certain images of Vésuviennes as by the desire to understand how these images were received by French opinion of the time. [translated and modified from author]

Translated TitleThe Vésuviennes: Women-Soldiers in the Society of 1848
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