States of Conflict: Gender, Violence and Resistance

TitleStates of Conflict: Gender, Violence and Resistance
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsJacobs, Susie, Ruth Jacobson, and Jennifer Marchbank
Number of Pages256
PublisherZed Books

The edited volumeĀ States of Conflict: Gender, Violence and Resistance explores the links between highlighting gendered violence across layers of social and political organization, from the military to the sexual. The book looks at the connections between international security, intra-state conflict and 'domestic' violence. International in scope, it makes the links between the local and the global and between the public and the private, in its discussion of gendered violence. Claiming that it is not enough to simply 'add' women to international relations theory, the contributors to this book brilliantly demonstrate how much more fruitful an in-depth analysis of the different layers of gendered violence can be.

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