Women and Civil War: Impact, Organizations, and Action

TitleWomen and Civil War: Impact, Organizations, and Action
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsKumar, Krishna
Number of Pages253
PublisherL. Rienner Publishers
CityBoulder, CO

Women typically do not remain passive spectators during a war, nor are they always innocent victims; instead, they frequently take on new roles and responsibilities, participating in military and political struggles and building new networks in order to obtain needed resources for their families. Consequently, while civil war imposes tremendous burdens on women, it often contributes to the redefinition of their traditional roles and the reconfiguration of existing gender relations in the society. This work presents a detailed analysis of how intrastate conflict affects women, and how women's networks and organizations respond in ways that increase their economic, social, and political power. The contributors also consider policy implications for the international community.

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