La Femme militaire: Des origines à nos jours

TitleLa Femme militaire: Des origines à nos jours
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1981
AuthorsCaire, Raymond
Number of Pages361

A complete history of military women from the origins to the present day. This book was the first to deal with this subject in depth by comparing different forms of employment and their respective evolution in the major countries of the world. The massive and diverse participation of women during the two world wars is highlighted. It uses surveys to objectively analyze foreign experiences and the future of the military wife. What will be the future place reserved for women in the Army in light of the legal equality recently achieved? How can women inclusion be reconciled with the specific requirements and necessary readiness of military units. This new face of the military translates into challenges presented and the need for creative solutions.


Translated TitleMilitary Woman: Origins to Today
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