Les fatigues de la guerre XVIIIe siècle, Watteau

TitleLes fatigues de la guerre XVIIIe siècle, Watteau
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsFarge, Arlette
Number of Pages123
PublisherLe Promeneur-Gallimard

. Focusing on the three major campaigns within the French borders by the monarchy of the eighteenth century, Arlette Farge captures war as a specific object, with mechanisms of effect and explainable devices. She projects the reader into the conflict in its own time: the recruitment, camp, misfortunes and ruins, the presence of women and their confusion. Tired of War documents a series of little-known paintings of French artist Antoine Watteau on the theme of military engagement. At the age of 25, Watteau witnessed the suffering of soldiers on the battlefield. Based on his work in the dozen paintings included in this book and her research, Arlette Farge reveals the images of war. No war is pretty. Even under the brush of Watteau. Even in the writings of Arlette Farge. This exploratory book Tired of War, brings into sharper focus the falsity of the "epic" war. Monarchies, republics and revolutions hide the contempt in which any regime holds the soldier. But centuries of iron and wood speak a different language. Watteau was a painter of melancholy, the sun mist falling on scorched leaves, on anonymous ordinary people far removed from Enlightenment. In his paintings, each line captures truth and humanity. Watteau and Farge lead us to the borders of war on muddy and windy roads. Watteau painted what he saw on the campaign trail. The truth of war is not in proclamations, but lies dormant in the records of the forgotten tears of officers involved in the rank and file of war before their exhausted troops and; the truth of war is not revealed with great deeds to celebrate in history books, but in the daily mourning sickness, hunger, the humdrum of despair.

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Short TitleLes fatigues de la guerre
Translated TitleTired of the war: the eighteenth century - Watteau
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