Conscription as Ideology: Revolutionary France and the Nation in Arms

TitleConscription as Ideology: Revolutionary France and the Nation in Arms
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsForrest, Alan
Secondary AuthorsMjøset, Lars, and Stephen Van Holde
JournalComparative Social Research
Date Published2002

The volume this article is included in, The Comparative Study of Conscription in the Armed Forces, contributes to the comparative study of military conscription. Issues discussed include: a conceptual clarification of conscription as distinguished from volunteerism and militia service; the emergence of the citizen soldier model; patterns of anti-militarism before World War I; conscription in third world armies; gender-issues in relation to military service; the present phenomenon of child soldiers in Africa; the decline of conscript armies in Western Europe. A review section discusses the contribution of rational choice theory to the analysis of conscription into military forces.

Short TitleConscription as Ideology
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