Histoire militaire de la France : De 1715 à 1871

TitleHistoire militaire de la France : De 1715 à 1871
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsDelmas, Jean
Series EditorCorvisier, André
Number of Volumes4
Number of Pages640
PublisherPresses Universitaires de France

A century and a half passed between the death of Louis XIV and the crushing of the Commune. In this period of great turbulence, where cultural and industrial revolutions combined, where French revolutionary ideology spilled over into the outside world, France's military institutions, its armies, and their image in public opinion were regularly called into question. In the service of arms provided in the name of the King, the Nation, the citizen-soldier, succeeded the Nation, and conscription was soon abolished for the professional army. Did war then once again become the reserved domain of the military? But how can an army be constituted if the flow of recruits is always too small? What happens to the precarious and fortified when armies maneuver in the open country, soon to be transported by rail, when urbanization makes cities burst outside the ramparts? Are the army and navy adapting to the acceleration of technical progress and are they capable of provoking innovation? Can internal order be maintained by the national guard or is the army obliged to intervene? Does its image suffer as a result? These are some of the questions raised by this evocation of a long century of French military history that cannot be reduced to Austerlitz or Sedan alone.

Translated TitleMilitary History of France: From 1715 to 1871
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