War and Memory in the Twentieth century

TitleWar and Memory in the Twentieth century
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsEvans, Martin, and Ken Lunn
Number of Pages272

This edited volume looks at the ways in which images and memories of war have emerged and endured in the twentieth century. Through a number of studies by the leading experts in the field, ranging from the construction of memorials through to film and personal testimonies, the complex identities of war memories and their social, cultural and political significances are thoroughly discussed. The book explores differing ways in which memories of conflicts are constructed from a multitude of perspectives and representations, including: - the written and spoken word - cinematic and film images - photography - monuments and memorials - museums - rituals and public celebration The book also discusses how memories of war differ between nations and individuals, and between proximity and distance in time. Wide-ranging and original, individual essays cover topics such as Anne Frank, British war crimes, the Gulf War in British popular culture, German memory and identity, and popular film.

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