Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsGiroux, Frank, and Christian Lax
Number of Pages119
CityMarcinelle, Belgium

Azrayen' is a historical comic strip diptych set in Algeria in the winter of 1957. At the heart of the war between the French army and the rebels fighting for the independence of their country, an event is of great concern to the French general staff: a section of twenty-two men has disappeared, with arms and baggage, for two weeks. This section, made up of harkis, Algerians enlisted in the French army, is commanded by Lieutenant Messonnier, nicknamed Azrayen'. Captain Valéra, responsible for finding Messonnier and his section, conducts his investigation in the Kabyle mountains, where the section has vanished. The series was published in 1998 and 1999. The first volume includes a preface written by historian Benjamin Stora in order to contextualize the story. At the end of the second volume is a documentary.

Original PublicationVolume 1: 1998; volume 2: 1999
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