One Woman's Story

TitleOne Woman's Story
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1934
AuthorsBritnieva, Mary
Number of Pages286
PublisherA. Barker

This volume is an Englishwoman's story of life under the Soviets, including the moving account of the arrest and execution of her Russian husband. The book begins with an account of its author’s service as a nurse at the front with the Russian Red Cross—a harrowing experience which left its memories indelibly stamped in her mind. Then follows a peaceful and happy interlude—the last she was to know for many years—weeks of leave in the spring of 1916, which she spent deep in the country. There are chapters which describe life in Leningrad during the period of the first famine, and the easier period of the NEP, leading down to 1930, when the drive against the members of the former intelligentsia began in grim earnest.

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