Lettres de Mireille Dupouey. Notes de Henri Ghéon

TitleLettres de Mireille Dupouey. Notes de Henri Ghéon
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1940
AuthorsDupouey, Mireille, and Henri Ghéon
Number of Pages151
PublisherÉditions du Cerf

This volume includes the war letters of the French women Mireille Dupouey, born Arnault de La Ménardière in Brest, (1890-1932), written to her young devout catholic husband Pierre-Dominique Dupouey (1977-1915), an officer in the French army, between August 1914 and April 1915, when he died in the battle at Yser. The widow became a writer and joined the Third Order of Dominicans in 1928 to become a nun. She died 1932 in Paris. The French writer Henri Ghéon (1875-1944), an officer during World War I too and good friend of Pierre-Dominique Dupouey, knew about their love and war story, got hold of the war letters by Mireille Dupouey, and published them in 1940.

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