Daisy, Princess of Pless

TitleDaisy, Princess of Pless
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1928
AuthorsCornwallis-West, Mary Theresa Ol, and Desmond Chapman-Huston
Number of Pages529
PublisherJohn Murray

Daisy, Princess of Pless was a noted society beauty in the Edwardian period, and, during her marriage, a member of one of the wealthiest European noble families. During her marriage to Hans Heinrich XV von Hochberg, Prince of Pless, Daisy, known in German as the Fürstin von Pless, became a social reformer and militated for peace with her friends William II, German Emperor and King Edward VII of the United Kingdom. During World War I she served as a nurse. She wrote this autobiography, spanning her life from her birth in 1873 to the end of World War I in 1918, and many others after her divorce in 1922.

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