Russia, Farewell

TitleRussia, Farewell
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1936
AuthorsYurlova, Marina
Number of Pages288
PublisherM. Joseph

Marina Yurlova (1900-1984) was born in a small village in the Caucasus. The daughter of a colonel of the Kuban Cossacks was just 14 years old when her father went to war in August 1914. In the search for her father, she became a child soldier in the Russian army at age 14. Specifically, she joined the Reconnaissance Sotnia (100 horse squadron) of the 3rd Ekaterinodar Regiment. She originally worked as a groom in Armenia; however, after two months of this she was sent to fight the Turkish Army. In 1915 she was shot in the leg while blasting bridges across the Erivan River. She was treated at the Red Cross hospital in Baku and then returned to the Eastern Front. In 1916 she was again wounded and also had a mental breakdown and was sent to an asylum, but ultimately emigrated to the United States. Yurlova published two autobiographies, Cossack Girl (1934) and Russia Farewell (1936). (from Wikipedia)

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