Letters to Edgewood Farm from a Canadian Girl in World War II

TitleLetters to Edgewood Farm from a Canadian Girl in World War II
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsDrinkwater, Catherine Knight
Number of Pages258
PublisherBunker to Bunker Pub.
CityCalgary, AB

An autobiographical window of Catherine Drinkwater's life as a young Orillia Ontario girl serving as a soldier overseas. Using letters and photographs that express the thoughts and feelings of the time, one might term it a "love affair" with a time and a place. The time being the Second World War, the place being Europe circa 1943/5. Catherine shares her personal life during a time of excitement, stress, fun, fear, faith and duty to friends, family, King and Country. The result is a form of travelogue-an entertaining and educational journey of one who, with the rest of us continues now to enjoy a life of freedom that she helped to secure. The combination of letters, photographs and female perspective is refreshing, intimate and at times, humourous. The serious side of war is alluded to but not dwelt upon-there is no 'mud, blood and gore' in this pictorial memoir.

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