Manchurian Legacy : Memoirs of a Japanese Colonist

TitleManchurian Legacy : Memoirs of a Japanese Colonist
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsSmith, Marian Elizabeth, and Eugene T. Petersen
Number of Pages189
PublisherMichigan State University Press
CityEast Lansing

"Kazuko Kuramoto was born and raised in Dairen, Manchuria, in 1927, at the peak of Japanese expansionism in Asia. When Kuramoto's grandfather arrived in Dairen as a member of the Japanese police force shortly after the end of the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, the family's belief in Japanese supremacy and its "divine" mission to "save" Asia from Western imperialists was firmly in place. As a third-generation colonist, the seventeen-year-old Kuramoto readily joined the Red Cross Nurse Corps in 1944 to aid in the war effort and in her country's sacred cause. A year later, her family listened to the emperor's radio broadcast " ... we shall have to endure the unendurable, to suffer the insufferable." Japan surrendered unconditionally." "Manchurian Legacy is the story of the family's life in Dairen; their survival as a forgotten people during the battle over Manchuria waged by the Soviet Union, Nationalist China, and Communist China; and their subsequent repatriation to a devastated Japan." "Her memoirs describe her coming of age in a colonial society, her family's experiences in war-torn Manchuria, and her "homecoming" to Japan - where she had never been - just as Japan is engaged in its own cultural upheaval."--Jacket.

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