Serving 2 Masters: A Deployment Devotional

TitleServing 2 Masters: A Deployment Devotional
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPierce-Lunderman, Cursha
Number of Pages350
PublisherXulon Press
CityBreinigsville, PA

Serving 2 Masters is an intimate journey through the life of an Army Officer, Wife, and Stay-at-Home Mom. Follow along in your Bible as CPT Lunderman's daily journal entries and inspirational verses give you a candid look at how the War on Terrorism has affected the lives of our Armed Forces and their families. Whether you're stationed in a war zone, awaiting your loved one's safe return, or fighting a spiritual battle on the home front, Serving 2 Masters has something for you. You'll be happy, you'll be sad, you'll be angry, but most of all, you'll be encouraged. Cursha Pierce-Lunderman was raised in Fayetteville, Ga and attended Stanford University on an Army ROTC scholarship. In 2002, Cursha became a commissioned Signal Officer in the U.S. Army after surviving the Santa Clara University ROTC Program. As a Lieutenant, she deployed with the 25th Infantry Division, Schofield Barracks, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in March 2004.

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