A Wolność Była Wśród Drutów : Oflag IXc Molsdorf

TitleA Wolność Była Wśród Drutów : Oflag IXc Molsdorf
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsOstrowska, Elżbieta
Number of Pages201
PublisherPaństwowe wydawn. nauk.

Elzbieta Ostrowska was a Polish writer and activist for the commemoration of the role of women during World War II.
During the German occupation of Poland, she was a part of the Women's Military Service. During the Warsaw Uprising, Ostrowska was director of the Warsaw-South communications channel. Ostrowska was taken prisoner and held first at Bergen-Belsen, and later at the female Oflag IX C prisoner of war camp for officers in Molsdorf. This memoir describes the author's experiences at a female prisoner of war camp during World War II.

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