Tricornes et Bérets

TitleTricornes et Bérets
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1954
AuthorsGaubry, Juliette
Number of Pages220

During World War II, Juliette Lafeychine Gaubry (1899-1978) joined the French Resistance and was caught by the Nazis. She was imprisoned at the women's concentration camp Ravensbrück in Germany. After the war, Gaubry served as a volunteer with the French Navy's Section Feminine de la Flotte (SFF). In 1947, Gaubry along with 13 other female volunteers, went to French Indochina where they supported French forces during the First Indochina War. Gaubry was the mother of singer and actress Juliette Gréco.

Translated TitleTricorns and Berets
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