Une résistance ordinaire: septembre 1939-août 1944

TitleUne résistance ordinaire: septembre 1939-août 1944
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsChevrillon, Claire
Number of Pages302

This autobiography covers the period between Germany's declaration of war and the Liberation of Paris. Chevrillon began as a messenger for the Resistance, then became a cryptographer serving under Jean Ayral and Paul Schmidt, liaison officers of the Bureau central de renseignement et d'action (Central Bureau of Information and Action, forerunner to France's modern intelligence service). She was arrested by French police in 1943, handed over to the Gestapo, and incarcerated at Fresnes. Freed the following June, she went underground and once again worked for the internal Resistance doing cryptography. This book focuses on Chevrillon's personal experience, documenting her testimony with photographs and letters.

Translated TitleAn Ordinary Resistance: September 1939-August 1944
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