"Eigentlich bin ich nirgendwo zu Hause": Aufzeichnungen

Title"Eigentlich bin ich nirgendwo zu Hause": Aufzeichnungen
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsEckstein-Schlossmann, Erna, and Lorenz Peter Johannsen
Number of Pages333
PublisherHentrich & Hentrich
CityBerlin, Germany

The pediatrician Erna Eckstein-Schlossmann (1895-1998), who was baptized a Christian, learned late about her Jewish origins. Her family was surrounded by prominent Jewish pediatricians from three generations: her father Arthur Schlossmann, her husband Albert Eckstein and her son Herbert. Raised in Germany, she and her family were in Turkish exile from 1935 to 1950. Here she experienced her "happiest years". Later she lived in England, where she died highly honoured at the age of 102. Erna Eckstein-Schlossmann's notes, published here for the first time in a selection, paint the picture of an energetic woman who did not break down either because of the Nazi state or the early death of her husband. Her memories are both personal and contemporary historical testimony.

Translated Title"Actually I'm not at home anywhere": Records
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